ComStat Division

480 Clinton Ave
3rd Floor
Newark, NJ 07108
(973) 733-6251

This Unit provides support for weekly and monthly command meetings to analyze and discuss statistical crime information to determine crime levels and crime trends. The Unit utilizes statistical crime data to plot criminal activity, redirect crime control efforts and institute additional or innovative crime control measures. The Unit also reviews commands’ performance indicators, response time, quality of life demands and enforcement, police activity data, sick/injured leave, overtime expenditures, pilot projects, complaints of police service, complaints against officers and compliance control efforts.

This Unit is comprised of the following:

Crime Analyst

This Unit compiles and provides crime statistics and analysis of crime trends to identify the extent, type and location of criminal activity and to improve the overall effectiveness and productivity of the Division. The Unit provides management reports to Bureau and Precinct Commanders relative to response time, quality of life conditions, crime, clearance rates and individual disciplinary and performance records.

Uniform Crime Reporting

This Unit compiles, maintains, and reports crime statistics for the UCR.

GIS Services

This Unit develops and maintains mapping resources for the Division.

ComStat Leadership

Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Todd Mazur

City Wide Statistics

Crime statistics reflect New Jersey Penal Law definitions and differ from the crime categories to the F.B.I. Uniform Crime Reporting System. While all figures are subject to further analysis and revision, our goal is to offer transparency regarding our crime statistics and data for public awareness and partnership.

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