Criminal Investigations & Community Advocacy Division (CICAD)

The General Crimes Division is responsible for the apprehension and assistance in the prosecution of offenders of general crimes. This division also provides investigative and special enforcement elements into solving crime throughout the city. Such staff, as designated by division directives, to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the division, shall assist the Commanding Officer.

The General Crimes Division is responsible for the following organizational subcomponents:

Youth Strategies Section

This section assists juvenile offenders who have committed minor juvenile delinquency offenses by avoiding a formal juvenile record. A station house adjustment is issued to an offender to provide immediate consequences such as community service, restitution or a prompt and convenient resolution for the victim. Call 973-481-1239. Available 24 Hours / Day. 

Auto Squad

This unit is responsible for the investigation of vehicle thefts, chop-shop operations, and abandoned vehicles. The unit processes all vehicles towed by the Division.

Precinct Detective Squads
The precinct detective squads conduct criminal investigations and respond to selected field assignments in order to conduct both the preliminary and follow-up investigative functions. The commander of the respective precinct shall have staff authority over the precinct detective squad (i.e. vacations, excusals, etc.). The Operations/Detective Sergeant and the commander of the General Crimes Division shall have line authority over the precinct detective squad (i.e. coordinating action plans with the Precinct Commander, identifying crime patterns, providing crime/activity overview at comstat, etc.).

Licensing Unit

The Licensing Unit investigates applicants and holders of all issued licenses and permits relating to restaurants, liquor establishments, amusement rides and firearms.

General Crimes Division Leadership

Commanding Officer
Captain Elvis Perez