Professional Standards Office

494 Broad St, 1st floor
Newark, NJ 07102
(973) 733-6171
(973) 424-0163

This Office is responsible for monitoring the actions and behavior of Division members and insures compliance with the Division’s Rules & Regulations, Policies, Orders and Directives. This Office is responsible for investigating complaints of serious rule infractions, criminal complaints, firearm discharges, vehicle pursuits and monitoring drug testing of employees. This Office is also responsible for investigating cases of corruption within the Police Division and other City agencies, threats against City dignitaries and coordinating with outside investigative agencies. In addition, this Office investigates complaints of minor rule infractions and conducts inspections and audits of commands and their personnel. This Office also includes the Advocate Section, which serves as the administrative arm of the Trial Board, providing trial board administration and scheduling.

OPS Leadership

Commanding Officer
Hector Arocho

Executive Officer
Lieutenant John Neves