Firearm Permit Applications & Instructions

Updated as of July 25th, 2023 concealed carry permits are now online through the NJ FARS System.


Firearm fees have increased. Fees are now:

  • $25 per permit.
  • $50 Initial firearm identification card
  • $150 Carry permit (paid online through NPD payment link) + $50 to be paid online through NJ FARS. Total $200 in two separate transactions.
  • These fees are set by NJ Statute and not by NPD.


Applicants applying for Firearms Purchaser Identification Cards, Replacement ID Cards, Change of Address or Name on ID Cards, or Permits to Purchase Handguns, or Concealed Carry Permit.

Applicants can help us in the processing of their applications by reading the following information to avoid making errors or omitting a required step that the applicant must take to complete the application process. Errors and omissions by applicants will require extra time to address by our investigators and add additional waiting time before your application is approved. Some errors cannot be corrected by our investigators and will require the applicant having to file a new application.

Applicants are advised that this application is an official government document. Providing incomplete and incorrect information will cause your application to be delayed. Providing false information will result in denial of your application and possible criminal penalties (N.J.S. 2C:39-10c).

Newark Public Safety Firearms Investigators cannot change any information on your application with one exception: If you have entered incorrect emails or other information for your references, the police department investigators can correct that information on the FARS site and can then resend the emails to your references. Please contact the Firearm/ Licensing Unit at (973)733-6063 for those specific errors.


There are three major components to fulfill. All information is listed below.

  1. Accurately complete your application on the NJ State system. Include 2 references with valid emails. The state will charge you a fee.
  2. Then, using your NJ State confirmation number, pay the Newark fees online. The link is below.
  3.  New applicants will need to be fingerprinted with IdentoGO. If you’ve previously been fingerprinted for firearms permits, then you can skip this step.

Step 1. Fingerprints

Step 2. Apply

Step 3. Pay


Applicants that have not been fingerprinted for firearms purposes in New Jersey before will need to make an appointment with IdentoGO to get fingerprinted. Applicants have 90 days to get fingerprinted once they submit their application. Information required for a fingerprint appointment is included in the confirmation email. Fingerprint appointments can be scheduled at: Http://


*** Please be aware that the NJ State FARS Website/Portal is not administered by the NPD. ***


  • The Newark Public Safety Department’s ORI # – NJNPD0000
  • Complete the online application. You may complete the application using a smartphone, mobile device, laptop or desktop computer. When completing the application you will need the name, address, phone number and email addresses, of two (2) reputable references. Your references should not family members.
  • Your application will not be processed until you have paid for the FID Card/Pistol Permits to both the State of New Jersey and NPD. Non-refundable payment is required to be made prior to the completion of the background as per NJSC 13:54.1.4.
  • You will be receiving automated email updates throughout this new process.
  • Please advise your references that the FARS system will email them the reference questions to be answered.
  • The online application is applicant driven. Please ensure that you have entered the best phone numbers for yourself and references as well the best email addresses for you and your references.


Effective immediately we will be complying with the recommended procedure as set forth by the State Police which requires payment for Firearms Purchaser Identification Cards and Permits to Purchase Handguns prior to starting the investigation process.

***You must FIRST click on the blue link directly below to make Firearm Identification Card or Permit payment to NPD. This is a separate fee than what you will pay directly to the NJSP***


Do not continue until payment is made

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