About OEM

OEM Headquarters

480 Clinton Avenue
Newark, NJ 07108
(973) 877-9259/9261


Purpose & Policies


  • Purpose – is to facilitate coordination of emergency response activities and provide available City of Newark emergency management resources for support of emergency response activities within the City of Newark.
  • Establish policies, procedures, and mechanisms for the centralized coordination and emergency management of response efforts, and the effective collection, processing, and dissemination of pertinent information during potential or actual emergency situations.
  • Coordinate the distribution of commodities between county and municipal agencies
  • Ensure all emergency management capabilities are tested, evaluated, and updated for immediate implementation


  • Conduct or assist in operations necessary to reduce the imminent threat of danger, or support other operations directly intended to prevent or minimize injury or illness to the impacted population
    Support emergency response operations being conducted by other City of Newark ESFs, or by neighboring jurisdictions, when necessary
  • Gather situational awareness information in support of emergency response operations
    Support recovery operations being conducted by the City of Newark
    Support emergency preparedness activities being conducted by the City of Newark

State of Emergency

The Declaration of Emergency places city services under the control of the Director of Public Safety. This state of emergency shall be accomplished by a formal Proclamation of Emergency. The Proclamation of Emergency shall be announced by a press conference or via email, social media, or text alert to the media, municipal officials, and department heads.